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Español III:
¡Bienvenidos a Español III! Tests & large homeworks will be posted here. Classroom side board is updated daily with all announcements and smaller daily homework/quizzes.
¡QUIZ: Por Para y Tarea Por Para el jueves, 2/3/17! Prueba Capítulo Once y Tarea del Librito CHANGED to el lunes, 6/3/17!
COLLEGE CREDIT: Payment for 2nd semester's 4 more credits was due to the college FEBRUARY 13th, $359 for four more credits. Pay online at my.maricopa.edu or by phone or in person at the college; HHS cannot accept payment.
Dual Credit Hotline at Chandler Gilbert Community College:480-732-7006. www.cgc.maricopa.edu/dual

Border Issues
Border Issues
An in-depth look at the issues surrounding illegal immigration in Southern Arizona, based on my experiences while filming a documentary on the subject.